Oats Atta

Product Info
The oat, is a species of cereal grain grown for its seed, oats are suitable for human consumption as oatmeal and rolled oats. Oats are a nutrient-rich food associated with lower blood cholesterol when consumed regularly. Oats are high in soluble fiber as well as insoluble fiber (good for digestive health), and help to regulate blood-sugar levels. They also contain useful levels of B vitamins and calcium.
Nutritional facts
The nutrition facts for 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of raw oats are:
Calories: 389
Protein: 16.9g
Carbs: 66.3g
Fiber: 10.6g
Fat: 6.9g
Benefits & Uses
Oats flour prevents cardiovascular disease, prevents constipation, controls blood sugar level reduces cancer risk reduces hypertension, a rich source of magnesium, supports weight loss, and protects the skin.

Oats flour is used as an addition to bread/muffins thickening agent.