Delivery Info

  1. Delivery fees: Customers may be charged a fee for delivery, which may vary based on distance and/or the size of the order.
  2. Delivery times: Nutri Tokri may specify a range of delivery times, such as between 11am and 2pm, or may offer the option for customers to choose a specific delivery time.
  3. Delivery area: Nutri Tokri may only deliver to certain areas, either within a certain radius of their location or within specific zip codes or neighborhoods.
  4. Order minimums: There may be a minimum order amount required for delivery.
  5. Payment methods: Nutri Tokri may accept various forms of payment, such as cash, credit card, or mobile payment apps.
  6. Refunds and cancellations: All returns and cancellations will be processes in accordance with Nutri Tokri’s policy and the policies of the marketplace (Amazon etc.), provided such requests are placed within a certain time frame within which orders are eligible for cancellation and refunds.
  7. Responsibility for damages: If the food is spilled or the packaging is damaged during delivery please contact us with product pictures and we will process replacements of the same.
  8. Customer service: Customers can contact us on with questions or issues related to delivery.

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