Nutri tokri Ragi Flour 950 Gm Pack of 2


About Ragi Flour

  • Gluten-free, Rich in Dietary Fiber
  • Rich in Calcium and Iron, Unadulterated
  • Primary source of Nutrients, Helps in Weight Loss
  • Excellent source of Vitamin D Great for toddlers and kids growth
  • Good source of Anti-Oxidants, Rich in Amino acids which helps skin firming
  • Help in Healthier Heart by reducing Cholesterol levels and supporting Cardiovascular function.
  • Balances Blood Sugar
  • Use sprouted Ragi Flour as an alternative to Rice Flour in Idli, Dosa, Puttu to make them more Nourishing and Healthier

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Premium Quality Ragi Flour:Our Ragi flour is made from the finest quality finger millets, ensuring top-notch nutrition and taste
Rich in Nutrients:Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our Ragi flour is a nutritional powerhouse.
High Dietary Fiber:Boost your digestive health with the abundant dietary fiber found in our Ragi flour.
Versatile Ingredient:Use our Ragi flour to make a wide range of dishes, from traditional rotis and dosas to modern gluten-free baked goods.
Natural Energy Source:Ragi is a great source of sustained energy, making it perfect for athletes and active individuals.
Traditional Taste:Enjoy the authentic taste of Ragi with our carefully processed flour.
Gluten-Free Baking:Experiment with gluten-free baking by incorporating our Ragi flour into your recipes.

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