Ragi / Finger Millet Flour

Ragi / Finger Millet Flour

Buy Nutritokri’s Premium Quality and Authentic Ragi Flour in India

Introducing our premium quality Ragi Flour in india (Finger Millet), a nutritional powerhouse packed with goodness! Made from the finest quality ragi grains, our flour is finely ground to preserve its natural nutrients and flavor. 

Incorporate the goodness of Ragi into your everyday meals and snacks with our premium Ragi Flour in india. Start your day with a nutritious ragi dosa, indulge in guilt-free ragi cookies for an afternoon treat, or whip up a batch of wholesome ragi rotis for a nourishing dinner. Take a step towards a healthier lifestyle with our Ragi Flour today!

Key Information on Nutritokri’s Ragi Flour

  • Main Ingredients – 

    NutriTokri Ragi Flour 1 Kg is processed from 100% pure whole Ragi. The ingredients are expertly sourced to ensure that you get nutrition as well as taste. Order Ragi Flour in India on Amazon & Jio Mart.

  • Suitable For- 

    The Ragi Flour is ideal for anyone who wants to relish some tasty dishes packed with nutrition and dietary fibres.

  • Usage- 

    The Flour is relatively common in South India. With the Ragi Flour, you can prepare and enjoy some South Indian Cuisine like Ragi Idli, Ragi Dosa, Ragi Mudde, and some familiar dishes like Ragi paneer cutlet, and Ragi Tindli Sabzi.

  • Quantity –

     1 kg NutriTokri Ragi Flour can make 25-30 idlis. For a family of four, this number will be enough to serve as breakfast for 2-3 days. Order Ragi Flour in India on Amazon & Jio Mart.

Get To Know More About Nutritokri’s Ragi Flour

Ragi flour in India, also known as finger millet flour, is making waves in India’s health-conscious community. This nutrient powerhouse is gaining popularity as an excellent alternative to refined wheat flour. Ragi flour is packed with calcium, iron, and fiber, making it a nutritious choice for all age groups. Its versatility allows for the creation of delicious dosas, rotis, and porridge. Additionally, its low glycemic index promotes stable blood sugar levels. By embracing ragi flour in india in our culinary traditions, we not only prioritize our health but also contribute to sustainable farming practices. Let’s embrace the #RagiRevolution for a healthier India.

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